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 Leadership on the Rocks

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Being a Leader Shouldn't Leave You Feeling Overwhelmed

Leadership on the Rocks, everyone's favorite leadership podcast, has been turned into a survival guide course for leaders!

Learn the strategies and tactics in our survival guide course and use them to be transformed:

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Leadership on the Rocks Course

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You can overcome overwhelm and be ready for your next promotion in 3 easy steps...

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Enroll in the Survival Guide Course to learn the essential skills and proactive tools needed to overcome overwhelm and get ahead of the problems, conflict, and constraints that are keeping you in survival mode. 

What will you do with your time and peace of mind when you aren't always stressed about work?

Be Empowered

There are 4 areas all leaders need to work through to thrive:
*The Head (Mindset)
*The Heart (Relationships)
*The Hands (Execution)
*The Guts (Accountability)
You will develop proactive strategies and tactics that you can implement at work TOMORROW to make progress towards efficiency and effectiveness because you are now confident in knowing how, where, and who to lead.

Make an Impact

Mastering leadership isn't hard. You just need a guide. After being equipped and empowered with the Leadership on the Rocks Survival Guide Framework, you will become the catalyst for positive change to help you (and those you lead) overcome overwhelm and go from surviving to thriving. You'll stop wishing for positive change and start MAKING positive change among your team, organization, and industry. 

What's Included In The Course...


The Head of Leadership (Mindset)

You must have a leader mindset to overcome the many internal and interpersonal challenges you will face as a leader. In this module, you'll learn to:   

  • recognize and overcome the mental game that stress has leaders playing
  • determine and spend your time on your most essential rocks (priorities) 
  • identify the biggest stressors in your leadership role and how you can overcome them

By developing a leader mindset, you will stop reacting to the situations around you and instead start responding because you will know the actions you need to take to resolve them. 


The Heart of Leadership (Relationships)

Leadership is all about influence, and the most positive influence you can have will come from building positive relationships with others. In this module you'll learn how to:  

  • build positive relationships with, and a collaborative culture among, all stakeholders
  • clearly communicate vision, mission, goals, and expectations
  • become a good steward for what your employees care the most about: self care, relationships, family, time, and money

The culture of how people engage with each other and their work will make or break any strategy you hope to implement. 


The Hands of Leadership (Execution)

Leaders get results by building efficient and effective systems and processes that focus on execution and results. In this module, you will learn:

  • how to develop effective and efficient ways of working that will reduce problems, stress, and conflict on your team
  • processes for doing the work that are simple, standardized, and can be implemented with fidelity
  • communication that is clear and promotes conversation and problem solving
  • how to host effective meetings instead of meetings that suck . . . suck your time, resources, and your money

Leaders need to know the best strategies, tactics, tips, and hacks for how to save time, confusion, and money . . . all while producing more results.


The Guts of Leadership (Accountability)

Accountability is the difference between keeping status quo and making progress towards your goals. In this module you will learn how to:

  • see a problem before it starts
  • develop a coaching culture where feedback for professional performance and growth are freely given and accepted
  • have the hard conversations needed to work through the biggest challenges, problems, conflicts, and constraints 

Holding people accountable and coaching them to success is not harsh . . . it's leadership! Whatever behaviors and results are tolerated today will become the norm tomorrow.


Bonus Lessons of Leadership (Heads Up!)

Every leader will face "rattlesnake" crises that seem to jump up and bite him or her. In this bonus module, we'll discuss specific scenarios that other leaders have walked through and what they learned from them:

  • personal crisis with an employee
  • attack on safety
  • overcoming negative social media stories that went viral

Leaders are the first ones people look to for answers in times of hardship and crisis, but they are also the first ones to be blamed. This is a bonus module that can't be skipped. 

In The Next 5 Weeks, You Could Conquer…

  • Anxiety and stress that bleeds over into your home life
  • First Aid for your biggest problem in leadership
  • Ineffective meetings, employees, and ways of working
  • Conflict
  • Reactive approaches that have you always "putting out the fires"
  • Your overwhelming calendar and email inbox
  • Team/Organization Gaps that are keeping you from achieving results
  • The gaps that keep you from getting that next promotion

The right leadership mindset & framework makes all the difference. We’ll cover what you need to go from SURVIVING to THRIVING in our Leadership Survival Guide. 

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