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Employees Want to Work for Essential Leaders of Impact, Not Managers of Status Quo

Managers of status quo have inefficient ways of working that keep them and their employees living in survival mode:

  • Confusion from lack of clarity
  • Exhaustion from working longer hours
  • Stress from work that follows you home
  • Frustration from lack of consistency
  • Decreased production from useless meetings
  • Anger from the lack of accountability

YOU are the Essential Leader your organization has been waiting for! 

We understand the frustration you feel from working within an environment that accepts the status quo of survival mode and inefficient ways of working. 

But you don't have to work that way anymore!

Let us show you how to stop surviving under status quo managers and start thriving as essential leaders in your organization.

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Is leadership causing you overwhelm & stress?

Leadership doesn’t have to ruin your life, you just need the right proactive tools to get ahead of the daily fires you’re always fighting.

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overcome overwhelm and transform your leadership.

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What our Essential Leader Clients are Saying

essential leader survival guide

Leadership on the Rocks

The Podcast that keeps it real so your leadership skills stay sharp!

Our podcast listeners love our holistic approach to growing in leadership. We take all that leadership theory and turn it into real-world leadership action for the workplace, home, and society...because leadership doesn't just happen's 24/7!

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essential leader survival guide

Leadership on the Rocks 

A Leadership Survival Guide Course

Overcome overwhelm and learn how to go from surviving to thriving in your leadership position. In this on-demand course you will learn strategies and tactics to implement at work TOMORROW, so you and your team can overcome status quo and move from surviving to thriving.

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The Leadership on the Rocks Framework is based on research best practices and can be applied no matter your official title, industry, or team dynamics.

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How to Become an Essential Leader In

3 Easy Steps

Get Equipped

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on-demand courses, live coaching and exclusive resources. Learn strategies and tactics you can implement TOMORROW to make progress towards efficiency and effectiveness. Cancel anytime.

Be Empowered

There are 4 areas all leaders need to work through to overcome overwhelm:
The Head (Mindset)
The Heart (Relationships)
The Hands (Execution)
The Guts (Accountability)
We help you master them all.

Make an Impact

Mastering leadership isn't hard. You just need a guide. Get access to the Essential Leader Survival Guide and become confident in knowing how to overcome overwhelm and defeat status quo. You'll stop wishing for positive change and start MAKING positive change.

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After Going Through The Leadership on the Rocks Survival Guide Course, You Will Be Transformed:

From Surviving
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Feeling insecure
  • Being anxious
  • Being busy
  • Carrying stress
  • Wishing for positive change
To Thriving
  • Having harmony
  • Being confident
  • Feeling peaceful
  • Being efficient
  • Being productive
  • Making positive change
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Ten Tips to be More Efficient


Leadership doesn't have to overwhelm you!

You just need a guide to help you be proactive!

And my checklist is that guide! It can help you alleviate some of your biggest stressors RIGHT NOW by learning how to lead in these 4 areas:

  • The Head of Leadership (Mindset)
  • The Heart of Leadership (Relationships)
  • The Hands of Leadership (Execution)
  • The Guts of Leadership (Accountability)
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