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#4 Where is the leadership? Leading vs Managing

Season #1 Episode #4


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Being in charge and leading are two completely different things. At work, a person can be in charge but not lead at all. At home, sometimes we allow our kids and their schedules to be in charge…but that definitely isn’t leadership either. In today’s episode we will discuss what leadership really is and how to step into true leadership at work and at home. 

Managing is more about tasks, checklists, systems, and processes. It focuses on keeping the status quo. Leading, however, is all about people. Leadership is influencing people and as John Maxwell says in his book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership,  “everything rises and falls on leadership.” 

Managers are like the Pharisees in the bible, all about the rules and tradition over relationships with the people. Leaders are like Jesus, focused on serving, teaching, and showing people the way to a better life. 

In today’s episode we reflect on our own leadership ability in 5 basic but very important leadership areas: people skills, vision, planning and strategic thinking, accountability, and achieving results. We then talk through four scenarios (2 at work and 2 at home) about having a lack of leadership and what to do about it. 


People are held to the leadership ability lid (See Maxwell, 2007) of others and it causes great frustration at work and at home. If you are in a situation where you work for a manager and not a leader or your leader has a very low leadership ability lid, then it is time for you to have a crucial conversation to help solve the problem via a win/win plan of action. If you are the leader that is struggling then there is hope for you, work to grow your leadership ability lid. 

Concerning home life, does your house/family have true leadership and structure to thrive? If not, chances are you are allowing your children to run the home (laissez-faire, lawnmower, helicopter parent) or you are running the home with an iron fist (totalitarian). Neither of those exhibit true leadership. Work to grow your leadership skills at home just like you would at work…focus on the people in your household and provide structure, instruction, and discipline…and balance it all with love and encouragement.


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