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#7 Extinguishing Burnout: The "Secret" Solution to the Great Resignation

Season #1 Episode #7


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Many Americans have reached such a high point of busyness, anxiety, or stress that they struggle to make it through each day mentally. This is causing not only a mental health crisis but an economic crisis as many people suffering from burnout choose to resign from their place of employment.

Enter the Great Resignation.

Whether you are experiencing the pain of the Great Resignation as the boss that hires or as the employee that is ready to leave, in today’s podcast we’ll discuss four causes of burnout at work and how to extinguish burnout in order to rekindle passion and purpose within our work…not only for you but those that work with and for you.


Root Cause #1 - Having Unmet Expectations

  • Solution #1 - The solution is to have candid conversations with the stakeholders involved so those expectations are verbalized. Then work towards meeting the expectations you have power over, ask about those that require up the ladder approval, and explain and/or simplify those that you have no control over. It is absolutely amazing what just having an honest and vulnerable conversation will do for the mind and heart of a person.

Root Cause #2 - A Negative Work Culture

  • Solution #2 - If you are boss, then you need to assess how bad the current culture is as well as reflect on whether or not you’ve even provided clarity on the core values and beliefs your team should have and rally around. If there is no target for what a positive culture looks like in your organization, then how are you and your people going to work towards it? If you have no target for what a positive culture looks like, work with your employees to create one. If you have one but nobody works towards it, then you my friend have an accountability problem…and it’s all your fault.

Root Cause #3 - A Lack of Clarity about What is Most Essential

  • Solution #3 - To avoid burnout among our employees, our places of employment have to do a better job of providing clarity on what is essential, or the most important priorities. Focus on the right thing at the right time for the right reason.

Root Cause #4 - A Lack of Leadership Support

  • Solution #4 - As leaders we need to shield our people from unnecessary stresses or demands of their time and attention while supporting and nourishing their growth and development. (Any easy example is stop hosting meetings that waste everyone’s time and cost the company a ton of money and resources because there is no return on investment from it.)