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#8 What keeps choking out harmony in our lives?

Season #1 Episode #8

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Leaders it is imperative to understand that positive change always has to start with the self. And my self, your self, and our selves, have a boundary problem. 

We are caught up in performance based affirmation and validation and don’t have healthy boundaries in life. We don’t have Healthy boundaries with 

  • The pressures of society because we easily give up our individual thoughts and priorities to be able to conform to the current patterns or trends. 
  • We don’t have healthy boundaries with the promises of the self-help genre because it’s marketing is blinding us to our need for God. 
  • And we don’t have healthy boundaries with other people because of image management. 

Yep… if our lives were a garden, we are allowing other weeds to take over and choke out the priorities we planted. All because we don’t have healthy enough boundaries to stop the invasion. 



But now we know how to grow healthy boundaries and dig up those invasive weeds choking the life out of us. 

  • The pressures from the patterns and trends of society are choking out our individual thoughts and patterns. But no more, …we will stop looking left and looking right in comparing ourselves to others and conforming to group think. We instead will look up. Stepping into who God made us to be and we will speak out and stand up for our thoughts and priorities. 
  • The promise of the perfect plan are choking out our true source for harmony in the chaos which is God. But no more,...we will stop looking for the perfect plan and checklist and instead be in intentional and be present in our most important relationships. 
  • The poison of image management is choking out our healthy relationships with others. But no more,...we will stop carrying the weight of others expectations and stop applying the pressure for others to be like us. 

Remember that as leaders, positive change always starts with us and well, we need healthier boundaries so our leadership garden can grow and flourish without the weeds.