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#9 Four Ways to be Intentional in Building the Life You Want

Season #1 Episode #9


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Summary & Application: 

Today we discussed how most people and yes even leaders are being passive in their lives.

Most people just live your life by accident as victims of every circumstance that happens to them. But no more for us in the Leadership on the Rocks community…We will be active participants in leading, planning, and living into our purpose for our lives. We will be intentional in living the life we are meant to live not only as an individual, but as a leader in our family and at our place of work. 

The 4 ways we are going to  live, work, and lead intentionally so we build the life we actually want to live is by 

1) Having a Clear Mission - We will find our God-given purpose in life and know what our higher purpose is within our families and work. 

2) Develop Clear working boundaries - We will run our calendar and our emotions and not let them run us.  We will make time to work “on” our lives or the business instead of always being caught up in the sand elements of them. 

3)Develop Clear vision - Dreaming of what our version of the future looks like when we live our mission

4) Determine and prioritize our Values - Deciding what principles will drive our behavior and therefore the outcomes (See an example at 



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