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#10 Four Steps to Help Resolve Conflict: The AC/DC Method

Season #1 Episode #10

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As a leader, people are your greatest asset but they can also be your biggest headache…enter conflict. Where there are people there will be conflict. Why? Because you didn’t hire people, or marry someone for that matter, who thinks like and acts just like you. The result of these differences can lead to conflict. Conflict of beliefs, values, opinions, and behaviors. 

As a leader though, it is your job to step into the hard conversations to resolve conflict and model skills of how to have problem-solving dialogue. Today we will discuss the AC/DC method to resolving conflict in order to find not only resolution, but reconciliation and a clear path forward. 


  • Proactive Solution  - Blog Post on 5 Ways to Foster Healthy Relationships with Everyone
  • Post Incident Solution - 
    • Accept - Accept the fact that you must have the difficult conversation
    • Check - Check your ego
    • Decide - Decide what the actual problem is (one time situation/behavior, or pattern)
    • Converse -  Have Dialogue that Goes for the Win-Win


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