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#15 Building Your Life & Leadership on The 8 Essential Rocks

Season #1 Episode #15


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These 8 essential rocks will anchor your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and behaviors on universal truths and principles that will have you standing…unwavering… when the storms of life and work come….and remember, storms will always come. Crisies, problems, disappointments, and the pressures and expectations of others will constantly be raining down on you…but by building your life and leadership on these 8 essential rocks, your lives will not crumble in these storms. 

The 8 essential rocks range from the depths of our being to how we serve and lead others. They go from inward to outward. From our why to our how to our what. The 8 essential rocks are: 

  1. Identity
  2. Purpose
  3. Systems and processes
  4. Communication
  5. Collaboration
  6. Stewardship
  7. Service 
  8. Leadership 


By building your life and leadership on the 8 essential rocks you will stand strong through every storm that will come your way. You are going to notice a sense of peace in the chaos. A sense of quiet strength where pressures and expectations don’t overwhelm you. Where busyness dies down because you are empowered to say No to the good to say yes to the best. 

In fact, your life and leadership will become a beacon of light and hope to others drowning in the ocean and waves of sand element living. Why because over the next 8 episodes you are going to learn about: 

  1. How a strong sense of identity in knowing who you are and what you believe is the most foundational rock you must have to build your life and leadership on. 
  2. How revealing and truly stepping into your Purpose becomes the peace that overcomes times of crisis. 
  3. What Systems and processes you need to have in your professional and personal life to produce results that you can see
  4. How important and kind clear Communication is to every relationship from the office to the house
  5. How to develop true Collaboration that actually accomplishes your work, family, and life goals. 
  6. Why Stewardship is often the biggest hole in your professional and personal life. 
  7. How to build the heart of Service into everything you do
  8. How to grow others in Leadership so they can positively impact others as well. 



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