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#17 Stop Wandering Aimlessly - Find Your Purpose

Season #1 Episode #17


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People are born with an innate desire to be on a mission and to fulfill a purpose that is bigger than themselves. 

Organizations were started to solve a problem, champion a cause, and serve their stakeholders. 

But the problem is that people and organizations alike have forgotten the reason they exist…they have forgotten their purpose, their reason to face the day. And because they have lost their purpose, they have also lost their vision for where their life and business is going.

Purpose becomes our mission and vision for our lives and businesses. It is our compass and without it people and organizations wander aimlessly. 


  1. Go back to Essential Rock #1- Identity - Without knowing who you are, what you believe, and what you value…you have no foundation on which to build your purpose. 
  2. Know what your gifts are and what you bring to the table. Everyone individual has different gifts just like every organization provides goods and services in different ways. Define what you value and what you are good at. 
  3. Dream again! What vision do you have for the future and how can your gift help that vision come to fruition? In your personal life, keep talking about the person you want to be and keep taking steps of progress towards that person. In business, you are out to change the world by offering products or services that are going to solve your customers problems and make their lives better
  4. Protect and defend! Whether it’s your time, your attention, your heart, or your wallet…something or someone is always out to rob you of it. Be intentional in turning away from things that will rob you of the direction you want to go. 

Don’t fail. Be intentional today in building your life and leadership on the essential rock of purpose and go from 

  • Go from wandering aimlessly to taking steps intentionally
  • From looking for greener pastures to growing where planted
  • From feeling useless to knowing we are making a difference in the lives of others. 
  • From falling apart at challenges, obstacles, or change of plans to overcoming them no matter the external pressures upon us. 


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