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#18 Stop Chaos & Conflict by Implementing Systems & Processes

Season #1 Episode #18


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All people need structure. They will thrive when there are clear processes and priorities. This includes your children and grandchildren, your co-workers, and your employees. Without structure and clarity, chaos is created, and chaos breeds conflict. 

Essential Rock # 3 Systems and Processes create the clarity and structure needed to not only kill chaos but create forward progress towards the mission. 

However, systems and processes are typically the weak link in every business, organization, and family. 

In order to accomplish your mission, make sure you are not playing the victim to your circumstances but be the hero that provides clarity and establishes structure to overcome chaos and conflict by building your life and leadership on essential rock #3 systems and processes. 


 In order to implement essential rock #3, you need to do 4 things: 


  1. Identify the gaps you, your family, and your organization have within the 5 domains of impact. Without paying attention to growing yourself, building relationships, and developing a positive culture, no strategy for clarity and structure will work. 
  2. Define your systems or critical elements that explain HOW you will accomplish your mission 
  3. Develop simple standardized processes that are sustainable so there is a clear structure around what the day to day work is that moves the organization towards progress.
  4. Train your people on the processes and allow them to refine those processes. 

Being the hero that starts with one step of action to provide clarity and structure through systems and processes is always better than a victim that complains about the status quo and doesn’t take action at all. 

If your organization, team, or family is a hot mess and you have no idea where to start in developing systems and processes then your first step is to find the hot spots. Make a full list of all the pain points that are causing the chaos and prioritize them.

Remember the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time, so take action on the one hotspot that will burn your figurative house down if you don’t put out the flames. 


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