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#25 Part 2: How to Transition into a New Leadership Role

Season #1 Episode #25

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Taking on any new job, especially a new job in leadership, is stressful. 

Why? Because when you take on a new role, there’s usually little to no onboarding and never a guide to help you transition into your new leadership role.  

In today’s episode we’re going to learn about the last two of the four specific and intentional checkpoints we are going to use to plan our transition into a new leadership role.


The first two checkpoints can be found in episode 24

1. Develop a mindset of a leader to guide and protect you through the transition

2. Make a great first impression 

The last two checkpoints to use in planning your transition into leadership: 

3. Build Positive Relationships

4. Work Your Leader Transition Plan (aka 90 Day Plan)


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