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#19 What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate

Season #1 Episode #19

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I cannot emphasize enough the importance of Essential Rock #4 Communication.  The quality of your communication greatly affects the health of your work organization and your family. 

So stay alert! Look for the presence of the 4 general root causes and behaviors of bad communication: 

  1. Selfishness - listening only to respond

  2. Unspoken Expectations - assuming people know what we are thinking or expecting

  3. Format - communicating with the wrong body language and tone, about the wrong problems, and in the wrong location

  4. Storytelling - filling in the gaps of missing information with our own assumptions


To overcome the 4 general problem areas of bad communication you can be intentional in following the 4 C’s of good communication: 

  1. Check your ego - be quick to listen and slow to speak by being an empathetic listener who seeks to understand others first

  2. Clarity - provide clarity to your message by creating a storyboard, highlighting the main points, and providing an avenue to learn more.

  3. Channel - pick the right mode of communication for your message so it can be received clearly by the audience

  4. Converse - Be intentional in providing an environment that fosters conversation, or an exchange of information.


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